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Saturday The 14th

66 mustang

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I watched it ... and from what little I remember, it sucked pretty bad. Talk about an all-star cast! Richard Benjamin AND Paula Prentiss? Pinch me I'm dreamin'. (If memory serves, they were married in real life at the time.)


Even worse, there was a sequel (!) "Saturday the 14th Strikes Back," which consisted mainly of a whole lotta stock footage borrowed from other movies. I remember becoming homicidal when I saw a clip from "Rock N Roll High School" being recycled in it, i.e. "That movie is TOO GOOD to be associated with this piece of shit!" :rofl2:

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Yep, I remember this one well since it ran on Showtime constantly in the early 80s. I recently watched it again and, sure enough, it's really, really bad. Interestingly, the tub scene with the super-cute Kari Michaelson predates a similar scene in Nightmare On Elm Street by three years!

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