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The Relapse Symphony - Time's Running Out EP


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This is a pretty cool new band I thought I'd post here, mostly because their image is half designed for these pages. Their style is hard to pinpoint exactly as they're kind of modern pop/melodic rock/punk. Whatever the kids call it these days. It's hard to say exactly because the fact that their lead singer is basically a dead ringer for the guy from Bowling For Soup makes one instantly compare them to BFS, even if these guys are not quite like BFS at all. Anyway, make up your own mind. They released a 5 track EP and I think it's pretty good personally.





Track Listing:


1. Forgotten

2. Make Your Move

3. The Other Side of Town

4. Burning Bridges

5. Panic! (Time's Running Out)





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Not bad, not bad. The image they have don't actually fit the music but who cares as long as the music is good.


Yeah, in a perfect world the dude wouldn't sound like the guy from BFS, but like you say, as long as the songs are good. Looking at the pic again, they kinda look like Black Veil Brides.

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New album out yesterday via Standby Records






01 - Embrace The Darkness
02 - We Are The Broken
03 - Battlefield of Lies
04 - One More Yesterday
05 - Make Your Move
06 - Savage Eyes
07 - Walls
08 - Angels Take Us Demons Save Us
09 - The Ghost That Got Away
10 - Forever Slowly
11 - Shadows

Bret Von Dehl - Vocals
JC Charles - Guitar
Ray Miller - Guitar
Brandon Kile - Bass
Alex Foxx - Drums




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I met the vocalist, Bret, about 6 years ago at a KIX show in Virginia. At the time he had just started a band called Ner D'wells (SP?).. Cool to see him doing so well. In fact, I just talked to him in late April... He came to my annual "M-Pre Party" show I do prior to The M3 Festival in Maryland. Pretty cool stuff.

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Jeez, Russ, I thought you'd hate stuff like this. Surprised to see you in this thread, even promoting them! ;)


Good album, anyway. I really like it. I'll admit it's not quite as super as I was hoping it would be, but there is some really good stuff on it. Consistent and solid. No fillers.

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