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Dear Superstar - Damned Religion


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Dear Superstar from Manchester released their second album earlier this year. David Jones took care of the production and Bob Marlette the mixing.


1. Damned Religion
2. Change Yesterday
3. Last Rites
4. Our City Sleeps
5. Anthem To My Life
6. Turn To Dust
7. Sirens
8. Tomorrow
9. Glitter Just Like Gold
10. Crystallized



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Solid disc, sadly not as well produced as 'Heartless,' but some excellent songs in the mix. Here's a mini review I created earlier in the year:


1 - Damned religion - good hard rocking opener - 7.25

2 - Change yesterday - good modern rocker - 7.50

3 - Last rites - good melodic hard modern rocker - 7.25

4 - Our city sleeps - great modern hard rocker with a killer chorus - 9.50

5 - Anthem to my life - another great modern rock track with another crowd pleasing chorus hook - 9.00

6 - Turn to dust - solid modern rock - 7.25

7 - Sirens - another solid modern rocker - 7.75

8 - Tomorrow - great modern rock ballad - 9.25

9 - Glitter just like gold - killer modern hard rocker - 9.25

10 - Crystallized - great modern hard rock closer - 8.25




Yeah, I know it's brief as hell but basically, there are a handful of really excellent tracks on here - better than anything on 'Heartless' - but sadly the production isn't all it could and should be. But it is a good disc, well worth checking out.

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