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Indicco - Karmalion (91 Suite guitarist)


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They are about to release 'Karmalion' in the near future and featuring guests like Jimi Jamison, Mark Spiro, Tim Pierce and Michael Thompson, this should be a good one.

From their webiste:

'Indigo Balboa and Paco Cerezo began to work together in 2008 , they're the founders of the band INDICCO.
From the begining they felt the affinity to work together and start on compositions.
Indigo came to work with the well know musician Mark Spiro in California and Paco Cerezo just left his band "91 Suite" He was the guitar player and original member of the band.
Paco Cerezo and Indigo Balboa start recording demos and feel that the melodies keeps the feeling of the golden age of the melodic rock but with a renovated sound with fresh air, without falling into the obsolete sound, with easy melodies and lyrics .
"renovate or died!".
It took over three years to finish the album "Karmalion".recorded in english and spanish.
They wanted the best production possible with great collaborations on the record, and they got it!
Jimi Jamison,( Survivor) one of the best singers that you ever heard , singin' with Indigo on lead vocals, Mark Spiro ( Aerosmith, Bad English, John Waite) on backing vocals ,and production,Tim Pierce and Michael Thompson on aditional guitars.
About the rest of the musicians, they have to Antonio Muñoz (ex-91 Suite) on bass
Lean Martinez (ex-91 Suite) on drums and Angel Valdegrama on keys.
The album has been recorded in english and spanish
Produced by Indigo Balboa, Paco Cerezo and Mark Spiro.
His first single "Wrong" will be on stores from 26th of May.
but we have to wait to enjoy the "Karmalion" album from INDICCO because at the moment they are in talks with the record labels.'


This is a good song...


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Very nice. Shame 91 Suite disappeared and died after creating quite a stir and showing a lot of promise. I do like the sounds of this, though.

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