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"UNAUTHORIZED: The Story of Rock N Roll Comics"

Fat Freddy

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Many of you probably remember Revolutionary Comics, the indie publisher that was responsible for the series of "Rock N Roll Comics" and other music-related comic books in the late 80s/early 90s. They were known more for their constant legal battles with various bands than for the quality of the comics themselves, most of which were unauthorized and pretty awful. Haha. Revolutionary publisher Todd Loren was murdered sometime in the mid 90s and the crime has never been solved. Now a documentary film about him and his controversial comics company is due to be released on DVD in April of 2012. Looks neat, it pushes both of my geek buttons (comics and music) so I'm definitely gonna try and check it out.



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I remember those comics... I'm pretty sure that back in the early 90's they did one on The Runaways.


Didn't they start up again in like 2009? I thought they recently did an issue on Joan Jett and Lita Ford to ride on the coattail of The Runaways movie.

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Didn't they start up again in like 2009?


I think a new publisher started colorizing and reprinting the old issues in graphic novel format a couple of years ago but I've never seen any of 'em myself.

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I have the first Aerosmith one, didn't get the second one that was done. It's okay...a bit cheesy - some of the history is way off but it's not an historical document, just fun.

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