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IN THE PINK - playing M3


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I remember seeing this band way back in the early 90's open for someone, I can't even remember who. IWhen I saw that they were play M3 I was most likely the only one who cared. They actually had a song that 98 ROCK in Baltimore used to play to death one summer. What a great surprise this M3 addition was. This is one band I forgot all about.



AOR / Melodic Rock fans must check this out:



Anyone else remember this one?


Feel free to post this video in the thread if you can. I'm not able to do it on this computer for some reason.

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I know now that IN THE PINK turned into SUNSHINE JIVE which is actually listed on Heavy Harmonies with samples. :beerbang:

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Did anybody check this one out..? :popcorn:

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Yeah, I just checked the song out. Quite nice.


Sunshive Jive were okay. A pretty patchy album, but not bad.


This ballad actually sounds like a well produced recording. Did they ever release anything, or will they through Retrospect?

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Thanks for the link.


Now I can listen to the songs a few times before M3. Funny, I remember 3 of those songs after listening to them. I saw In The Pink in like 1990 (I think) at Hammerjacks in Baltimore... I can't remember but this might have been the only time I saw Barracuda too. I know it was at Hammerjacks where I saw Barracuda.

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