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XorigiN - Can't Keep Running


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Best track on the album and an absolute belting opener. :headbanger:

I'd almost agree as I find the pre-chorus bridge to be so delightfully what I seek in music. But I'd rate 'Crying for you' over this one, based purely on the 'Na Na Na's at the end of this song. Amazing track, but I wish they'd have excluded those annoying 'na na na's from the outro. :)

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    • Fitting title, now that we're about to get nuked. ; )
    • Upgrades and replacements.   Survivor Too hot to sleep 1988 (Rem) CD     Europe The final countdown 1986 (Rem) CD     Boston Don't look back 1978 (Rem) CD     Presley Elvis Today 1975 (Rem) 2 CD     Presley Elvis Elvis Country (Rem)
    • American Stars 'N Bars-Neil Young
    • Out In The Cold-Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
    • Portrait Of An American Family - Marilyn Manson 
    • Out In The Cold - Judas Priest 
    • “We’ve Lost the Fight” As with the majority of Mr Reece’s output over the last decade or so, this gets a solid “meh” from me. 😐
    • Both songs are fine, but due to the different vocalists, and the change up from melodic hard rock to straight  AOR, it almost sounds like two different bands.     I’ll keep ‘em on my radar, but slightly less enthused now…
    • Always worth checking out... unsure how good it'll be, but worth the ear time. 
    • Why not? Spinning it again, editing some photos with a beer, so why not drop a thought or two on a track by track basis; 1. Heart of Glass ; nice very mellow opener, almost like an extended intro. Beautiful mood/atmosphere and a great track inviting the listener to grab a Six Strings Dark Red IPA and sit down to get immersed. Some kind of dark sounds in a hooky, sweet chorus.  2. Something You Can Give Yourself ; first single from the album which is a slightly different, more poppy vibe for the band. Super catchy/hooky, with infectious chorus keys that stick in the ear cavity. Great pop rock song.  3. Closer ; most recent single and arguably my favourite single, but now I'm not sure. I love them all, but this has such a dark, sultry vibe with an absolute monster chorus hook. One of the album's best.   4. Better For You ; mellow, sultry again. Love the guitar parts in this one, and another really strong, catchy chorus. Super catchy, easy to listen to song.  5. The Fool ; duet with a female vocalist. I don't get many details on Apple music but if I had to guess I'd think this might be the same lady that featured in the duet on the previous album. She has a nice voice and it's a good song. Another big chorus layered with strong hooks and appealing instrumentation. Good song, and one I can see really growing too.   6. Need a Friend ; another of the singles and hearing them all back to back, very fair chance this might be my pick of the singles. Can't speak highly enough of this dude's voice, and his vocals are sublime on this one. Chorus and the hooks it possesses are perfect too. Yeah this one could be my pick. Love it. Angst-wise, probably as close as this album gets to 'On The Mend' too.  7. Ordinary Love ; or is this one my favourite? Another of the many singles. More absolutely sublime vocals, super sexy groove and another massive, hook laden chorus. Nice little rhythm guitar solo too, lol. Incredibly catchy and heavenly on the ears.  8. The Morning ; and here comenceth the truly fresh, brand new section of the album, void of any more of the already released singles. Stripped back, super smooth song with the vocals again (speaking of smoothness) smooth enough to butter your toast with in the morning. Another nice little solo and strong chorus hooks again.   9. In Too Deep ; I remember them talking about this song on one of their podcasts; just can't remember the context. This will surely be the next single, I'd guess. Easily on par with the best songs on the album. Another huge chorus with the production sounding a million dollars. I think I pay more attention to the drums in this band because the core of the band is the lead singer and drummer, and drums sound incredible across the whole album. Really vibing with them on this tune. Killer cut.   10. Don't Hold Your Breath ; drums, vocals, production, groove, hooks, chorus, harmonies, did I mention the vocals... nothing skipped or glossed over, again. Typically flawless TBV tune they seem to be able to write in their sleep.  11. I'll Be There (You'll Never Have to Ask) ; probably the most subdued song on the album. A bit like a smooth kind of pop rock tune. Still can't fault it in any way. Vocals just caressing my ears and another strong chorus hook. Poppy, but a very nice tune.  12. The Weight of Your World ; another very sudbued, mellow tune to close out the album, I guess in the same way it began. Drums and vocals shine like diamonds again. and this song is a bit of a different structure. There's a beautiful (just over) mid section that draws me in completely. Turns out it's actually the outro, leading into an extended piano closure to the album. A soothing wind-down, I'd call it.    And there we go. One EP and two albums in and I still can't find a filler from these guys. Initial listen, I thought this was a fair way off 'On The Mend' and when it's all said and done I think that album will be pretty untouchable. But only second listen in and I'm realising it won't be as clear-cut as I might have originally thought. This is pure class, and I don't really want to make any predictions as to where this might sit after a few months with it. One thing for sure, is that it was well and truly worth the wait and I am thoroughly fulfilled.  
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