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Human Zoo - Eyes of the Stranger


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1. Amy & Allison's Memories

2. The Answer

3. Gimme Your Time

4. To the Top

5. Everything Changes

6. Eyes of the Stranger

7. Fall in Love

8. World Behind You

9. Hold & Care

10. Want It, Love It, Like It

11. Welcome To Paradise

12. 10.000 Years Ago


Human Zoo produced one of my favorite releases in 2007; "Over The Horizon", and now, 4 years later they're back with the follow-up "Eyes of the Stranger". This one arrived in my mailbox over the weekend, and I finally got to listen to it this morning, and I really like what I'm hearing so far.

One of the things that impresses me about these guys is how they work the saxophone into their songs; it stands out, but doesn't overpower the rest of the tune (IMO anyway).


Check out some of their new tunes for yourself if you haven't already...


The Answer


Fall in Love


To The Top


Gimme Your Time


Everything Changes

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Great album ; one of my faves of the year. Here's my sexy little review-in-summary I did for my own purposes:


1 - The answer - Great melodic hard rock opener - 8.5

2 - Gimme your time - another great hard rocker… great riff - 8.5

3 - To the top - another good one - 7.5

4 - Everything changes - beautiful melodic rock - 9

5 - Eyes of the stranger - decent hard rocker - 6.5

6 - Fall in love - good melodic rock - 7.5

7 - World behind you - solid melodic rock - 7

8 - Hold & care - pretty low-key ballad… not as good as others by the band - 6.5

9 - Want it - love it - like it - brilliant riff, great melodic hard rock - 9

10 - Welcome to paradise - good hard rocker - 7.5

11 - 10,000 years ago - great hard rocker - 8


- - Total Score of all Songs - 85.5

- - Average Total Percentage of all Songs (%) - 78

- - TOTAL SCORE inc Songs, Vibe, Production etc. (%) - 83


Another great release from an ever-reliable band. Solid hard rock from start to end.

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Their strongest album up to date. If you like high Quality German MHR this is for you

Big call, mate. I still think their debut is their best album yet, but I do love all three. One of the most consistent (and under-rated) bands in recent years.

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