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When planning a show/concert you have certain things that need to be dealt with. Fulfilling the requirements of the bands rider. Making sure the proper back line is in place, organize arrival times and ground transport. Sound check, hospitality, promotion. The list just goes on. This past Friday, what made Firehouse appearance in western MA a lil more special was due to something that wasn't a part of the typical show details. In the crowd was a special concert goer. Jeffery Hansen, who along with his wife. Drove all the way from Ohio to Western Ma, to see Firehouse and Farcry. Jeff Hansen is a big supporter of this scene, its bands and this very site. This show was a send-off of sorts. As two days later he would be shipping off to Afghanistan for a 1 year tour. What we wanted to do was make sure that this show/night was a night for him to remember. Guest list/VIP treatment...Check! Dinner...Check! Front Row...Check! Shout out from a crowd of strangers showing their appreciation for Jeff...Check! That it? No...How about Firehouse pulling Jeff up on stage and giving him a signed Ibanez guitar? YES!!!


When we asked Firehouse if they would be willing to agree to this. They were more than happy to do it and went the extra mile making this definitely a night to remember for Jeff his Wife and everyone in attendance, again showing that they are some of the nicest bunch of guys in the biz. Bill Leverty - "I thought it was extremely cool of Kivel Records to give a guitar to Jeff Hansen, and it was my pleasure and privilege to sign it."


Bill Leverty even handed over his own guitar, and asked Jeff to jam on stage with it. Unplanned, unexpected, however very much appreciated with a side of cool factor being that of a level 10! In Jeff's own words: "This was one of the best nights of my life! They are a great bunch of guys and rock just as hard now as they did when they came out in 1990! I was shocked when John Kivel handed me the guitar....too cool for words!"


Thanks to CJ, Bill, Michael, Allen and Tour Manager Mark Peterson for helping all of us show our appreciation to Jeff Hansen. From all of us, Come home Safe Jeff and thank you to yourself and all your fellow men and woman of the US Armed Forces. See you at the next show...


John Kivel

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Many times we fail to show our support and appreciation for those willing to give their lives in order to keep ours free. This was simply an awesome gesture on the part of Kivel and Firehouse!

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Very cool indeed and certainly does not surprise me at all...great group of guys all around! :beerbang:


Your very right Jeff!! The Firehouse guys a super cool bunch of nice guys. I never had such a smoother show/production working with a band before. It was a pleasure! When i approached them with this idea/surprise for Jeff Hansen they were all for it with no problem whatsoever. Wish you guys could have seen the look on Jeffs face when they pulled him up on stage. LOL. GOOD TIMES!! :guitbannana:

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