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Alyson Avenue

Dead Planet

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This sounds really good...got to pick it up.... :guitbannana:



You can listen here:




Or simply check it out here as HH has samples....


Is that a different chick singing? Doesnt sound like the chick from the first 2 discs, cant decide if I like this chick more or less? guess i'll have to give it a little time to decide.

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Yeah, sure, different chick. Anette Olzon now sings for Nightwish.

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Another great disc from these guys and gals. If you hadn't told me it was a new singer I wouldn't have even noticed until I lined up all the CDs together and checked the personnel on each CD. The difference with male and female vocalists seem to be that most female vocalists, if they get to the point where they get themselves on CD, are pretty good. And in total honesty, I don't have much ability to set too many aside from each other, except for the real stand-outs.


So, that said, this just sounds like how I'd expect Alyson Avenue to sound... excellent. The songs are possibly even more consistently good this time round, and this will be sure to be a real crowd pleaser with fans.

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