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Elevener - 'Symmetry in Motion'


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Track list:


01. Just As I Thought

02. Hypnotized

03. Written In Your Eyes

04. Dare To Love

05. Never Would I

06. Heal Me

07. Cage Of Broken Dreams

08. Tearing Me Down

09. For The Times We Share

10. You Got What It Takes

11. Modern Times


Looks like only 2 guys from the debut remain - the guitarist and the bass player (who now plays keys on this album instead). And even now I'm not sure the guitarist from the debut plays on the CD? I don't know. Looks like a totally new project to me under that same name. But at the end of the day, the songs are still good... very good in several cases. This CD won't set the world alight, but I think it's very good. The new vocalist is a million times better than the debut's vocalist, and has a very familiar voice. Apparently he did vocals for Prisoner, Tommy Denander and Heartbreak Radio. Not too familiar with those projects, but he does sound similar to another more familiar vocalist.


Either way, very good, solid slab of AOR. Not sure it'll impress as much as the debut did in the song-writing department, but AOR fans will dig it, I'm sure.

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check this out the other day, not really impressive but looks like a good decent AOR friend, will dig this later, do you think it worths the buy ?

Definitely worth a purchase, imo. But I'll personally be waiting for a pretty decent price before I take the plunge.

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Absolutely loved the debut - one of the best pure AOR discs in the last 10 years for me, so really looking forward to getting this one.

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