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Ok so I just got both the European and the Japanese versions of the new DYNAZTY album "Knock You Down". It is like 2 completely different albums! For starters the songs are mixed completely different on each album! Songs are different as well! Different song intros, and parts! This is pretty wild, and has made the double purchase well worth it! It reminds of of the SPREAD EAGLE (Spread Eagle) and VARGA (Prototype) thing where there was 2 versions of the same album with alternate mixes and songs were edited differently! I will try to upload a sample of what I mean in a little bit.


The Japanese bonus tracks are awesome! Each album has 2 bonus tracks not found on the others release.

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I'll buy the cheap one and if it seems worthwhile I'll download the second one for my Ipod.


No way in a million years would I give any c*nt involved in this scam the satisfaction of me buying both CDs. :)

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Wow, just checked out the samples over at cdjapan and your edit DrumRman. What a big difference! I'm not that into "This is my life", so I'll probably end up with the Japanese edition after all.


Why oh why are labels doing this? StormVox already did a similar thing with HEAT's Freedom Rock if I remember correctly (different mixes and tracks)...

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I have listened to both versions all day yesterday and both are awesome in their own way. I think the production mix on the European version sounds superior as it is really heavy with tons of bottom end (bass) but prefer the song versions of the Japanese version more. I think the Japan version sounds great too but has a more live/raw production instead of the big studio production.


The biggest song difference is the song "Throne Of China". Many of the vocal lines are even sang a bit different so its not even like its a different mix but a different studio performance altogether!


So everything about the releases is a huge difference even the CD cover which is completely different as well.


@Jeff I think "This is my life" is a studio version. Its the same version that was available on itunes in Europe.


Japan version lists 2 bonus tracks but there is 3 songs that are not on the European version. The European version has 2 songs not on the Japanese version...but as stated this is really like 2 different releases. Pretty wild marketing idea, and concept.

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