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Trust Company - 'Dreaming In Black and White'


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Well, well, well. What do we have here? Brilliance, is what we have here, imo.


If you told me at the start of the year that Trust Company were releasing a new CD I'd have been all like, wtf? Then if you told me it'd compete for the best modern rock CD of the year I'd tell you your nuts looked like antelopes. Well, your nuts look like antelopes. This CD is killer.


It will help if you enjoyed the first 2 CDs from this band and you're familiar with the lead vocals. If you're into that and agree with me that they are a great band that barely released a filler on their first 2 CDs, then you're going to love this. By far this is their most accomplished effort yet, straying further away from the slightly one dimensional (but still excellent) nu-metal sound of their debut. This album has everything from hard modern rockers to ballads and all in-between.


Almost impossible to pick a favourite track on this CD because so many were so strong, but maybe 'Heart in my hands' gets the nod. Delightful. I hope people check this one out.


Track list:


1. "Close Your Eyes ('Til It's Over)" 3:31

2. "Heart In My Hands" 3:16

3. "Almost There" 3:40

4. "Stumbling" 3:54

5. "Reverse and Remember" 3:40

6. "Pulling You Down" 3:39

7. "Alone Again" 4:09

8. "Dreaming In Black and White" 3:38

9. "Letting Go" 3:40

10. "Skies Will Burn" 3:24

11. "We Are the Ones" 4:06

12. "Don't Say Goodbye" 3:41

13. "Stumbling (Acoustic) [Hidden Track]"




The single ('Heart in my hands'):




The ballad:



Killer opening track:


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Not sure I'd throw MCR in the mix as a comparison at all, but yeah, you could say they have similarities to the rap-free side of Linkin Park. I personally much prefer any Trust Company CD to any Linkin Park CD, though.


It should be noted that this is not their first good album. These two songs off their last album are two of my favourite modern rock songs:





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