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Matt LaPorte(Jon Oliva's Pain) - passes away


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Another great guitarist gone. I haven't found any cause of death yet but for those that don't follow the post Savatage career of Jon Oliva and Zakk Stevens, Matt played on the first Circle II Cirlce release and has been on all of the Jon Oliva's Pain cds. The guy was a monster on guitar. RIP.





Oliva’s shock at axeman’s sudden death

Friday, April 22nd, 2011 .Pain mainman pays tribute to LaPorte after losing the guitarist he believes his dead brother use to channel musical talent





Shock: LaPorte died suddenly

The frontman of Jon Oliva’s Pain has revealed his shock and sadness at the sudden death of guitarist Matt LaPorte, who was 40 when he passed away on Wednesday.


And Oliva says it’s even more hard to bear because he believes his brother Criss, who died in a car crash in 1993, used LaPorte to channel his art.


The brothers founded Savatage in 1978 and it didn’t last long after the younger sibling’s tragic death. Jon went on to form JOP, and recruited LaPorte in 2004, although the pair’s friendship went back much further.


Jon Oliva says: “It is with great heartache and sorry I relay the passing of our dear friend, bandmate, guitarist and brother Matt. He passed away at home shortly after 6pm on Wednesday. No information regarding his cause of death is available.


“Matt’s knowledge of music was amazing and his contributions to JOP and every band he ever played in was without measure. He was a one-guitar army when he needed to be. His solos will forever send chills down our spines. A near 20-year history and friendship has ended, and we’re deeply saddened.


“Criss Olive was without a doubt his most profound influence. Anyone who saw him play Savatage songs knew Criss was channeling his talents via Matt.


“He was a gentle soul who would avoid conflict at all costs. He got a long with everyone and greeted us all with a smile. He was humbled by the love and respect fans have him – but in a quiet way it made him work just a little bit harder.


“We miss you terribly, Matt. We will celebrate your music and life each and every day. That great band in the sky just got a whole lot better. Until we meet again.”


Before joining JOP LaPorte played with Circle II Circle, founded by former Savatage frontman Zak Stevens, who says: “Today the guys are morning the tragic loss. We’ve taken a huge loss – Matt was a brother and a great friend. Rest in peace; we love you.”


And amongst the fan tributes online is a message from a Blabbermouth user: “I bought Matt’s pedalboard from him in 2007, and he not only signed it, he had the rest of the Pain guys sign it. He had to ship it all over the US to do it – and he did so out of his own pocket. I bugged the hell out of him for weeks trying to figure out how to use it, and he always took the time to help me out. Rest in peace, Matt, and say hi to Criss for us.”

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Damn, this has been a sh*t week. KK Downing leaves Priest, Nevermore's guitarists both split, Khan leaves Kamelot, now this. WTF??

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Damn, this has been a sh*t week. KK Downing leaves Priest, Nevermore's guitarists both split, Khan leaves Kamelot, now this. WTF??


Damn I didn't know about the Nevermore thing but did know about Khan leaving Kamelot but that was in the making since late last year.

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