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Poor Cub Fans...


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Best line of the article...LOL:


"Kerry [Wood], that you came back to this team after playing for the New York Yankees makes me fucking sick to my stomach for you and your family."

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Before the season even starts my Cubs are making me ill. Why did we have WGN as our only American channel when I was a kid? Why did I have spend so many painful afternoons (no night games in Wrigley Field back then) watching and crying over this loveable bunch of perennial losers? 103 years and counting and wishing for a miracle.


1984 was my first painful moment as a Cubs fan, 1989 hurt pretty bad as well, 2003 still stings to this day and 2007 as well as 2008 were just more salt added to the deep wounds of being a Cubbies fan.


Now I'm going to find myself a dark corner and sulk.

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