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Fucked in the ass by DREAMDISC

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Koog........never had a problem either. Although, I haven't purchased anything from them for over 8 months or so.....


Have you communicated with them regarding your transaction? What was their take on the situation?


It's strange......I haven't had a problem with any purchases until recently. I sent some guy Benn Stimmel money for a Skin N Bones cd and he says he sent it.......never got it.....and he hardly replies to emails and says he has multiple copies of it and will send another. Interesting....for someone to have multiple copies of a fairly rare disc like that *Jap version*. So....I now have to have someone hunt his ass down in Cali to see what the problem is........also, supposedly a seller from eBay CDWolves 'forgot' to send out my latest eBay purchases......and said they were sent about a week or so ago....still no package..but I'm hopeful..and on the lookout. Kori, if you're reading this.......let me know what the deal is.....


So Koogs.......I wish you the best in the recovery of your cd. At least you know you're dealing with a couple of guys that have at least been in business for awhile.....so maybe it's just a mixup......


Good luck!

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Was he from California? I dealt with a ripoff artist named Thomas Stimmel. I still have his address somewhere. He robbed me on a sale then tried to bid on my Sleazy Roze a year later. I held his money till he sent the cds I purchased. If it's the same guy he's going to keep feeding you lines...TIM.

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Tim..........no shit??!!!!! I bet it's the same fucking guy............his address is:


Benn Stimmel

2217 Bataan Rd.

Redondo Beach, California



Email me and we'll discuss.





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As a side note.........I received he cds from Kori..aka..cdwolves.


Thanks Kori!!

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I'm sure it's the same damn guy. I'm certain he lived at that address. I have his address in my filing cabinet somewhere. I'll let you know but I'm 200% sure it's the same guy. He went by Thomas on one transaction and Nathan on another.I sent an email...Tim.

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