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Adler's Appetite 28th Feb 2011

Captain Howdy

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Just got back from the Adler's Appetite gig in London, and it was an awesome show.






And, special guest appearance from Duff McKagan




Set list (they added It's so easy between My Michelle and Stardog as Duff played bass on My Michelle and It's so easy)



And finally, one of Stevens used drumsticks I caught at the end of the set


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Yeah, Rick Stitch was singing for them.

The only change in their line up I could see was Grossi was replaced by someone they called Mr Robo.


Chip obviously was replaced for two songs, but thats understandable.


The three new songs which have been available since late last year, fit the set perfectly.

If the new album ever surfaces, I guess the GNR stuff will gradually lessen over time.


Only thing that annoyed me is they produced an EP CD of the three tracks, which was apparently exclusive to this tour, but they were charging £8 for it which is way too much considering I only paid something like 69 or 79p per track when I downloaded them. I would have maybe gone for it if it had been £5, but £8 for three tracks is a joke.

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yes that's expensive, i better go wait for the full album, but what do you think of the new songs ? are those in the veins of GNR's appetite era or more on the modern rock side ?

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I posted some youtube links to them on here somewhere a while ago, will see if I can find the post.

Stardog and Alive sound like they could have been on Appetite for destruction, but Fading (the ballad) isnt really GNR sounding in my opinion. It does have an old school rock ballad vibe though, not really modern to my ears.

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just listened to those three songs, crazy man crazy !


this is gonna be in my top 5 of 2011 if ever released, let's just hope they do a full album package with all killers, is there anything they said about it ? this year's release or something like that ?


I even like that "Fading" very much, yeah a bit predictable generic ballad, but nothing's wrong with it, but i guess "Stardog" is the real winner, sounded a bit like "You Could Be Mine" :D

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They didnt say anything on Monday, but on Stevens Facebook page he did mention a few weeks ago that something should be announced after the Euro tour finishes (London being the final date).

So basically, keep your eyes open.

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