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AC/DC - Ballbreaker


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Why not another AC/DC poll? There seems to be quite a lot of fans here on the board.


I think this is an underrated album from AC/DC. Sure, there are some fillers on here but a few gems too like "Hail Caesar", "Hard As A Rock" and the title track. I think "Boogie Man" is pretty cool too.


So, tough decision for me but I'll go with "Hail Caesar" closely followed by "Ballbreaker".

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Haven't listened to this one in awhile so I'd have to pull it out & give it a spin for a definitive answer. As for right now, off the top of my head, I'd say "Boogie Man," always liked the slow build in that one.


By the way, the last time I saw AC/DC was on the tour for this album, I think it was late '95/early '96. They smoked... but then, they always smoked. :lol:

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Saw this tour when they were in Minneapolis. Great show! Less than stellar album IMO. I went with "The Furor", but I also like "The Honey Roll" with the hilarious opening lyrics.

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My choices are "Hail Caesar" and "Hard As A Rock". I also saw them on tour for this album in Buenos Aires back in '96, and I think I still somewhere have a T-shirt of the tour. I remember the Beavis & Butthead intro and the opening with "Hells Bells" with Brian Johnson singing atop of a moving wrecking ball. :party421: They really rocked!

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I went with 'Hard As A Rock' but IMO this was a good but not great album.

I remember the hype about this one with it being the return of Phil Rudd and all and I think Rick Rubin produced this as well. There was talk about a return to form but I didn't see a problem with the previous few albums so this one is okay but up to when it was released was my least fav of the Brian Johnson albums(that crown was taken over by Stiff Upper Lip).

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