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video and song that describes what I'm feeling

66 mustang

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this song describes what I'm feeling. my sisters and I have been emailing back and forth about our grandparents house. We spent almost every weekend it seems with our cousins up there. We have been emailing what we remember room by room. finally today I got up off my butt and actually drove up to the old house and took some pictures of the place. the guy that now owns it came out and talked to me a few minutes. I told him I would have knocked on the door and talked to him first before I stated to take pictures of the house but I wasnt' too sure about the dog. looked friendly enough but I just wasn't sure.



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Every time I'm back home I usually take time to drive by the house I lived most of my life in, although I did move often and lived in many different houses. It is strange thinking back on all of the memories and how you remember the house being even know I'm sure it's all changed over the years as other owners have lived in it.

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I actually bought the house I grew up in when I got divorced. I lived there a few years before I got remarried. My wife and I decided that we needed more space since I had acquired 2 beautiful daughters in the process and my house was a very old and small 2 br and 1 bath. So we tore it down and built a bigger place. What is really cool though is that I have been able to show my girls all the places I used to play here and all the stuff i used to do here. I live about 10 miles from a town so it is very quiet here. My oldest daughter has now decided that she wants to finish out the top room in the barn for an apt. I had the same idea when I was her age. I kept some of the bricks from the foundation after we tore it down, which was not a hard decision, and gave some to my brother and sister and my Mom and Dad. I think that the video is interesting coming from a pretty young person. Most people don't get reminiscant about their past until they get older.

I enjoyed the video. I don't like country that much but the message was a great one.

Thanks for sending me back down that long dusty road again for a few minutes.



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