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Circus - Coming for you (great Sunset strip glam/slease)

Ali Rock

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I found this great cd the other day on the web. Great glam/sleaze (see link below)


Early 90's Sunset Strip Glam Legends CIRCUS have teamed up with Demon Doll Records to release 'Coming For You' - the first CD ever to be released from these Glam & Sleaze bad boys! This 8 song masterpiece will drive you right down the Sunset Strip into the heart of Hollywood and everything it stood for!


Recorded at the height of CIRCUS' popularity, Producer Dito Godwin shines again capturing the energy and explosiveness of his previous releases from Wildside, Great White, Ace Frehley, Peter Chris and Jani Lane.


CIRCUS was one of the biggest Sunset Strip bands to prowl the night back in the early 90's with staggering one night attendance figures @ The Roxy upward of 1,200 people. They were also honored by Bill Gazzarri himself with the last house band star on the wall of the infamous Gazzarri's night club.


Needless to say CIRCUS brings everything you could ever want to the table with their hot looks and dirty hooks! Every song rings out with great melodies and great musicianship. The vocals snarl, the guitar shreds, the bass pounds and the drums slam everything into a heated overdrive with the smash hit songs "Fool Proof", "In A Dream", "Hold Out" and "Coming For You" to name a few.


The album is silver pressed, officially licensed from the band and exclusively available from DemonDollRecords.com So if you love Glam, Sleaze, Hollywood, The Strip and every dark and dirty secret that came with it, order your copy of CIRCUS 'Coming For You' today! You won't be disappointed!!!



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I saw this the other day and a question popped into my head and having just heard the samples now the question is even more valid. Is this or is this not the same band that had the 'Stay for the ride' album released on Metal Mayhem in 2005? I can't see a line-up for who's in the Demon Doll band but 'In a dream' and 'Hold out' definitely sound like it's the same band. Can anyone shed any light on this?


Either way, I loved the 'Stay for the ride' CD and this sounds pretty good too. I'm interested.

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