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Just been listening to Romeo Rock - 'No One Like You (Uptown/Downtown)' on Youtube:


Romeo Rock track


A really great track, 'When Love Surrenders' is on there as well, not quite as good, but still a good song.


However, I can't find a CD on any of the sites I use for CDs and the band isn't mentioned on HH. Is there a CD? If so, presumably it's impossible to find. Does anyone have the track and might be willing to email it?

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Hi m8, I am agree and disagree with You, "No One Like You" is a Great track i know but "When Love Surrenders" is one of the Best AOR/Melodic Rock songs! My kind of Style/Music "One On One" is another Great track ala Whitesnake/Coverdale, Tommy Ingham voice is similiar to David Coverdale, this EP easily 85/100.


Romeo Rock are :


Tommy Ingham : Vocals

Don Scarsella : Lead Guitar

John Avedisian Jr. : Bass

Rob Ludwick : Rhythm Guitar

Stevie Firneno : Drums





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I warmed up for these guys, Studio Lounge, Westland Michigan. I got to warm up for Weapons also at same place. Lived right down the street from Tommy Ingram [Romeo], he had a voice for sure. Romeo took a second place in L.A. after a battle of bands thing, it gave them a boost. I've got an mp3 of the CD very rare, I'd buy it if I could find 1. I forgot I got to warm up for Seduce too, Harpos lounge Detroit since I live in detroit I got to do some cool stuff.

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