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7eventh Time Down

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Heard the first 3 myspace tracks:


'Do you believe' ; nice tune, but can't really handle those lyrics. Way, way too over-the-top message.


'Alive in you' ; you can hear a variation of this exact same song on any single modern rock CD on the market. Bland.


'What about tonight' ; very nice mid-tempo melodic modern rocker. I diggit.


'Worldchanger' ; best of the lost. Nice... great ballad.


Overall, definitely a band I'd check out. Based on the first song I assumed they'd be one of those christian bands too heavy to be handled by the non-christian listener, but the other three songs are fine. I know they're proud of their love for Jesus and all that nonsense, but if it was me personally I wouldn't have that song as the first click. I guess on one hand it would pull in the devoted christian listeners, but might turn off the non-christian listeners. I'd have 'Worldchanger' as the "main" tune, just personally. :)


Anyway, nice find mate. I can definitely hear some Daughtry in this stuff.

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should had put a warning (Geoff may find lyrics too over the top, NSFG) :whistle:


a buddy of mine told me about the band. they opened for Disciple when he saw them. I guess they are pretty serious about their music as they (opening band) let Disciple use their sound equipment because they had a better set up.

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I like it. Looks like their full length cd "World Changer" came out back in 2006. Their mini EP is pretty easy to find but I'm having a little trouble trying to track down a copy of the full length release.

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