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Do we have Italians here....


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I like it. Seriously, they're my most hated soccer team of all. And that's saying a lot considering the amount of blouse teams out there.

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Just wathcing some soccer during my lunch break I think i've worked it out..... soccer needs a shot clock!



..... and an anti-pansy rule.

By shot clock you mean that any player who takes a dive should be shot in the head?

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When in italy, and you brush someone as you walk past, do they fall on the groung rolling around in agony?


Half Italian, half Aussie here. Half pansy, half convict.....not much hope for me eh?


Half aussie, half italian....

I can just imagine your shadow rolling around on the ground whilst you casually walk on.


A pansy convict..... you'd be the most popular guy in jail.

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