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Skid Row, Dokken in Oakdale, MN


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Anyone heading to The Bierstube in Oakdale, MN next weekend?

Skid Row on Friday night, Dokken on Saturday night.




Also, on a somewhat humorous side the Oakdale city council is concerned about Dokken coming to their city:



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Sounds like a cool weekend. Though I do have a cool one lined up too.


M3 - Scorpions, KIX, Cinderella, Vince Neil, Pretty Boy Floyd... so on and so forth.


I assume you are going to Skid Row and Dokken... ENJOY. :beerbang:

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Sounds a heckuva lot better than what I'll be doing next weekend. My wife is in a wedding so we not only get to drive 4 hours to get there, but I get to attend to our three children at the wedding and reception. Then drive back the next morning. Plus I'm missing out on our town's annual drunkfest known as Teapot Days! I am so lucky! :(

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Enjoy the show Jeff! Dokken was great last Saturday in Fargo, ND. Don was not feeling well but gutted it out. I would say they had close to 4000 people at the show with Slaughter. No security problems that I noted. Just lots of people having a good time, enjoying good food, beer and music.


LOTS of kids at the show too. Pretty cool to see the generations of music fans coming out to see the music. Also, it was my kids first concert! They had a great time!

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