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Friday Night Lights

66 mustang

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first let me say that I am shocked I've not started a thread for this show. now has anyone been watchiing this show besides me??? I know I a few years late in starting a thread but I've watched it from season 1 and season 4 just started on NBC a couple weeks ago.

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much better than the movie IMO


Really? I enjoyed the movie but I had never read the book.


of course the book is so much better than the movie.


my problem with the movie is that they had so much material to cover they just focused on Football. now mind you, I LOVE football (yes, for everyone else, American football) but the movie didn't do anything to make me care about any of the characters. remember in the moive when Boobie got his knee taken out at the end of a game in a blowout? well that didn't happen that way. what really happened was he blew his knee out in a scrimage before the season. It was a great football movie but Remember The Titans was a better movie. RTT made me care about the characters and still had plenty of football action. FNL was football with no character development. the book really fleshed out the characters and makes me think "what could have been".

anyway, the tv show was born out of all the stuff left out of the book and movie. In the special features of season 1 they are talking to the guys who did the movie and talking about all the material they had left and how it went into season 1 of the tv show. they had to change the name of the town and the team from Odessa Tx and the Permain Panthers with their black and white uniforms to Dillon Tx and the Dillon Panthers with Blue and White colors for some reason, can't remember why. different characters but you know after reading the book which characters they are based on or a combination of characters a certain person is based on. of course they add their own story's or take stories from different times and add to todays team. even had 2 actors from the Movie in the tv series.

check it out, I think you might like it.

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Once filming on the movie was completed, Berg turned his attention to adapting the story for television. Berg expressed in various interviews following the film how he regretted having to jettison many of the interpersonal topics covered in the book because of the time constraints of a feature film. Creating a TV series, particularly one based on fictional characters, allowed many of those elements to be brought back and addressed in-depth.[10]


The show chose not to use Odessa as the setting and instead used it as inspiration for the fictionalized town of Dillon, Texas. The football team did, however, retain the Panthers name. Berg made a number of conscious choices in carrying elements from the film to the series and as such, much of the work that went into the creation of the pilot was duplication of the work that was done on the movie.[11] Another of these choices included casting Connie Britton to play Head Coach Eric Taylor's wife and Brad Leland to play football booster Buddy Garrity, in similar roles to the ones they played in the movie.[12][13] Furthermore, Berg used Explosions in the Sky, a band that wrote most of the film's soundtrack,[14] for some situational music. Though many people have assumed that the show's theme song is also by Explosions in the Sky, it is actually the work of noted TV music composer W.G. Snuffy Walden and Bennett Salvay.


With this conception in hand, filming for the show's Austin, Texas-based pilot began in February 2006. Berg described filming the pilot and eventually the show in Texas as "a deal breaker" for his weekly participation in the project. Even so, the show features a number of homages to its Texas heritage. In filming the pilot, Berg ensured this homage by featuring Texas Longhorn coach Mack Brown as a Dillon booster and having a caller to the fictional “Panther Radio” compare Panthers' coach Eric Taylor to Brown.[15] The pilot also incorporated much of the surrounding area. Football scenes for the pilot were filmed at Pflugerville High School's Kuempel Stadium and at the RRISD Complex. The Dillon Panther football and coaches' uniforms were based heavily on the uniforms of the real life Pflugerville Panthers.[16]

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    • Atlantis is amazing 👏  Was my album of that year 
    • A lot to like on this release but also some stuff just too light for me. 
    • What a honey Gudrun Laos was and what a Killer track this is!    
    • I didn't say I didn't like it. It's a good album, but I guess after years of reading folks praise for it I built it up to be something more than it actually was. 
    • We already know you're a leftist idiot! Known all around these parts!
    • How are you guys letting horrible songs get into your head???
    • I'm surprised you didn't like it. That's a shame. 
    • It's a mystery alright, although how the band could okay this for release is an even bigger mystery. Also find it intresting that all of the reviews I've read have failed to mention the bizarre mixing and mastering of this record, which kinda makes you question their credibility as rock reviewers.   This I don't agree with at all. The thing that makes H.E.A.T the awesome band that they are is that they've never compromised with their sound or felt the urge to follow trends. We all know that they've could have gone the Dynazty route, making hard 'n' heavy records, that would probably have made them an even bigger and more popular band with the masses. Of course that's not what the fans want, and they know that. We want H.E.A.T to sound like H.E.A.T - and I think they've done a damn fine job of that on this record. I don't mind a bit of experimentation, like on Demon Eyes, as long as it's the exception and a temporarily deviation from the trademark sound. As for bangers, I do think there are some here, but they're all ruined to some degree by the poor mixing job. No, they don't reach the awesomeness of let's say "Dangerous Ground" or "Rock Your Body" from the last album, but stuff like "Nationwide", "Not For Sale", "Hold Your Fire" and "Wings Of An Aeroplane" come pretty damn close. Being the AOR fanatic I am, my main criticism with this band is always that I want them to be more AOR, like on the first 2-3 records. If you're looking for a direction, then this record is clearly a distinctive step away from that. They want to be pure melodic hard rock and not AOR, I think it's pretty clear. Truthfully it's been evident from "Tearing Down The Walls" and onward, but Force Majeure makes it even more evident that no change in that direction is very probable.   If there's anything that this album doesn't lack, it's guitars. The guitars are so loud in the mix that Kenny´s vocals are drowning in them. The album is unlistenable with good headphones, you have to play it through speakers or earphones to make it somewhat listenable. Other weird little things about this record: CD is released in Europe as a f*cking digipak for some reason. Who's beind this strange and unnecessary decision, the band or the label? Also, no writing credits. You have to go to Discogs or Spotify to find out who wrote these tunes.
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