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Good day y'all. Not often I come accross a band with a sizeable discography which I know nothing about... but this seems to be one. Just read a couple of comments from Delbert on the main page, speaking very highly of early releases. They look very hard to find but I do notice that their later work appears to be available around the place for decent prices. So what's the story with these guys? Does anyone have a quick rundown on their sound/style, and even a few comments album by album. Did they "sell out" in the 90's?


Also, anyone got a photo of the band at all?


Which of their albums should I heard first, and should I avoid any?


Thanks for any help.

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Based primarily out of Indy,same as Sweet F.A.That is where the comparisons end though.Sweet F.A. were SO much better live' and otherwise.Ma Kelley are a decent band,but they seem to jump around a bit too much style wise.I saw em twice live' the last time they were opening for Stephen Pearcy.They had a somewhat decent following locally in Indianapolis.

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Thanks for the info, guys. Managed to find MP3s their 3 middle albums on the net last night so I'll give them all a go. Still curious about the debut (which sounds like it's their finest hour) and their last album (which is on the net for pocket change).


I gave the MP3s a quick sample and straight away I can see that there's going to be a lot of merit in what people are saying about them being average, with an occasional good song. Style seemed very basic. Will check 'em out, though.

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Okay, so far I've got through 'Banned in America', 'Some Live Some Not' and the start of 'Change in the weather'.


Yeah, hard band to describe. I think the closest I could make a stab at would be almost like an inferior quality Stranger, maybe mixed with Mara? They write basic hard rock songs to the point of being mundane at times, but they also try to say something with their lyrics. The songs are often such blatant fillers it's hard not to skip after the first verse.


That said, I thought 'Love in the Dark' was pretty good, and very unexpected. Almost AOR/melodic rock. And 'Action' off that same 'Some Live Some Not' CD was good too. The rest? Not so good at all.


Similar thing on 'Banned in America'. 'Love/Hate' and 'Exotic metal' were both pretty good, but the other 8 tracks were useless.


I would never buy a CD from these guys having heard what I've heard ('Change in the weather' so far sounds awful) but I'm still interested in the debut, even though half the songs are on 'Some live some not' and are no good at all... but I'd like the studio version of 'Love in the dark' at least.

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