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Champagne Suicide - 'Dreams Screams Outrage'


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I somehow got my hands on these tunes a while back in demo form, and 'Flower for you' always stuck in my mind. Looks like the 6 songs have finally seen a release on Demon Doll Records, with as much 'polish' as you'd assume they can get from the tapes. Check it out here:




If you love attitude driven glam/sleaze metal, you really can't go past this disc. The only shame here is that it's only 6 songs... each one as awesome as the last one. I hate to pick the ballad again, but something about 'Flower for you' has stuck with me through the years, and it's a real testament to the quality of songs these guys offered in a sometimes basic genre. Awesome release, highly recommended.




And R.I.P. Chester Olsefsky. Shame he wasn't around to make more music with these guys.

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These guys kicked ass. A friend of mine was in this band. Yes, too bad it is only six songs as I have more music and some rehearsal and live stuff... not sure what the quality would be like these days.


RIP Chester

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Just been listening to the Myspace samples from this, not bad at all. Bit expensive for a 6 track CD though.

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