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Axident Avenue - 'Shaken and disturbed'


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Axident Avenue's full length debut is now available from Demon Doll and I'd have to recommend it. I heard an s/t album from these guys a couple of years back, but not sure what that was. Demos? Looking at their bio it looks like there were a few demos, but I thought this was a proper debut?


Oh well, this new CD 'Shaken and disturbed' is advertised as their debut on their myspace so I guess I believe them.


From Demon Doll:



I wonder if someone in the know can advise if the album is silver pressed or one of their fancy CDRs? That price seems to good for silver pressed, am I right?


Anyway, the CD is a great slab of sleaze hard rock and it's only problem will be that it's released in the same year as the new Crashdiet and Crazy Lixx CDs. And although this is really very good, it doesn't quite match those two. Well, well worth checking out, though.

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Those samples sound surprisingly good, very melodic, not the raw sounding sleaze/glam I was expecting. Another one to pick up.

Yep, I'm disappointed I can't be a little more enthused because of it's competition this year, but it really is very impressive. :)

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Yep I just picked this one up from demondoll records. Pretty good sleaze flak with big backing vocals. My only complaint was that I wished the songwriting had been a tad stronger. That was the only reason o sold it on my latest update. It looked silver pressed to me, but I know demondoll has been doing some great looking cdrs so I don't really know for sure.

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Nice sound to that band. Sleazy just the way I like it.:headbanger:


As far as the album being a CDR, if the barcode (if it has one) starts with '810270..." it will be a duplicated CD using Diamond Silver Bottom CDR media and it will be manufactured by a place CD Poster Shop. Already looked into this place for a few music projects wanting CDs released but had to refer them to another company because CD Poster Shop does not offer a replication (silver-pressing) service. Only CDRs. No Silver-Pressed CDs coming out of this place according to their correspondences. As far as I know, Demon Doll always uses this place as most of their CDs trace to CD Poster Shop regardless of info stated that a CD is silver-pressed.

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