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price matching.... sometimes u win


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After work this arvo i popped into the local liqour store who promise to beat anyone elses advertised prices, and they advertsie them inside the store.

A competitiors store had 10pk of wild turkey cans for about $30 which is not bad deal. Their specials board had 'beaten' written across the competitiors advertisement so i thought i'd check it out and was gonna grab 2 of these 10 packs. They actually didn't have any of the 10 packs displayed so i asked if they had any out the back. No, none in stock. So i said if they could beat the competitors 'per can' price i'd buy a carton anyway.

He went to speak to the manager and said they'd beat the price by a dollar. Okay, ... a dollar is a dollar...


Putting it thru the check out they not only beat the commetitors price by not only $1, but $1 per can. Instead of beating the competitiors price by $1, they actually beat it by $20, giving me 20 cans of wild turkey for under $40. That's under half price!!!!


Thank you Dan Murphys... this drink... or the next dozen are on you. :beerbang:

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