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EBAY links not working?


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I'm having trouble posting links to my EBAY auctions, the link I had been using, is no longer working. I'm not to sharp with computers to begin with, anyone knows what I'm doing wrong or can help me out, let me know..thanks...


There are a couple of us who also have the same problem and fucked if I know why :unsure::angry2:

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Seems to work for me... what exact behavior are you seeing?




here's my link http://search.ebay.c...QQsassZskybruno


That's exactly what I get when I try to post a link :unsure:

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Are you guys using the link tool in the editor, or just pasting the link into the message text? I'm doing the latter and it works just fine.


I had been doing it through the link tool and getting this result My link


And now I tried it the other way by pasting the link into the message text {which I never knew you could do :anon: } and :bananamac: BINGO.....WE HAVE LIFT OFF :bananamac:



Thanks Dan for clarifying that :tumbsup:

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I would just paste the link from one of my old posts, now when I paste it, the link doesn't work??? Any suggestions?


That's because the board abbreviates the VISIBLE text that comprises a link, but not the actual link. If you are going to copy an existing link from elsewhere on the board, you can't just copy and paste the visible text; you have to right-click on the link and copy the link location itself and paste it.



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