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Empty Seats AT Bristol

66 mustang

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man, when they changed the track they ruined the race. Sure they might have improved the racing for the drivers but they ruined the action for the fans and I wish they would stop trying to sell the new track as being so great. they took away everything that made Bristol the best ticket in the sport. All it is now is a mini-Kansas track. where has all the action and attitude gone? out with the old track. When you see commercials the day of the race trying to sell tickets you know something is wrong and it isn't the economy

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I agree 100% with you . No action just going round and round !! Seems like all tracks are getting this way . I use to sit and watch every minute of the race well the race is on I can hear what is going on that is all I need because I know there will be no action ........ Maybe the spoiler will bring back some better racing !

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