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HD Ready tv`s


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Hello all


Probably asked this before, I`ve a HD Ready Samsung Television, I have a Blue Ray Player, recently borrowed the film Hairspay on BR to watch, the picture is good but not blown away.


Some friends have a 1080 tv, what`s the difference?



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you have the bluray hooked up with HDMI? then you have to make sure the setting is set to 720P, 1080 or Automatic. if you have a bluray and have it hooked up with red, white and yellow cables or a s-video cable you are wasting your time. if you have the HDMI and the settings correct the bluray may not just look that good. not every bluray disc will knock your socks off unless you really know what you are looking at. some of the HD stuff is subtle and not knock your eyes out like Star Trek - best looking bluray movie I've seen so far

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When you say HD Ready are you really meaning you have a TV that is not actually HD unless you have the HD box hooked up to it?

I have one of those HD ready TV's. It was made in 2000 and the picture is better by default but like you said, not mind blowing. If I went out and bought an HD box for it to turn it from "ready" into actual HD, then I would get a great picture. HD is heads and tails above standard def, so you should be able to tell the difference on any blu ray or upconverted standard DVD.

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Okay here's the confusion caused in the UK by different phrases bandied about.


HD Ready - HDTV set capable of accepting HD signals (may not be able to display at full resolution 1920x1080)


Full HD - HDTV set capable of accepting HD signals and able to display full resolution at 1920x1080


In order to watch a Blu Ray at full resolution you need to be connect between the two with an HDMI cable and have a TV capable of displaying 1080P 1920 x 1080.


Not all HD is the same resolution/quality. Here in the UK HD televison broadcasts available via Sky, Freesat or the new Freeview HD, are broadcast at 1080i only due to the amount of data needed.


Hope that helps mate.

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