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Far'n Beyond


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These guys from Finland are great. They play, according to MySpace "modern melodic metal with influences from eighties". I recently bought an EP called "Answer To The Call" with 3 tracks all mixed/engineered by Torsti Spoof of Leverage. And this EP blows Torstis mainband out of the water! Excellent stuff.


Go to the link included at the bottom for more stuff from Far'n Beyond.


Stroll down the page in the link and listen to the pick of the bunch:


The Rock (beautiful semi-ballad from the film Terminator 2)

Distant Fields (if Leverage is massive as a rock, this is massive as a diamond! :headbanger: )

The Deal (more :headbanger: )




Or here: Homepage

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Not bad but nowhere near Leverage. Seems almost simplistic by comparison. It is very good however but the comparison to Leverage is unfair.

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