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Flag - Perihelion

Nick C

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Now to say I like Flag would be like saying I like beer......HA! Love 'em.

Anyhoo's they've (or he Arthur Offen) just released their new album Perihelion - unfortunately it's download only at the moment but a CD release is being worked on for this year. I know my old mate Jez was a tad disappointed earlier in the year as he could no longer purchase their 1st two albums from the site. Well good news (for him at least) is that it seems these will be re-released on CD at some point too.

All can be downloaded at the www.arthuroffen.com store but I know most people (and me) prefer actual CD's BUT at least in the store section you can hear FULL tracks from all the albums!!!


Anyway...I downloaded as I can't wait for the album to be released properly


......and now I'm in pomp heaven :crazy::fun_84::multi:



....2010 starts out great for me!

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Hmmm ... , never heard of FLAG, but sounds very interesting ! Thanks for the tip, mate !! :drink:

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Not to bad at all!

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Ay up...I know Jez and Bernd were after this but didn't want the download.


The actual CD is on sale at CDBABY now....here


flag at cdbaby




I have to wait a little longer as I downloaded it so The Arthur Offen site need to sort out my discount code...so you'll probably get the actual CD before me :(:lol:



The older Flag albums are still going to be released at some point too chaps!

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