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Bon Jovi - I Want you

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I've been on a "i want to hear something different" kick as of late. I've been pulling out cassettes from upstairs and listening when I'm in the shower, so a couple days ago I picked out this mixed cassette with nothing written on it as to it's contents. let me tell you it is a very mixed bag of stuff. for sure i did it but some was by accident. it ranges from bon jovi to charlie daniels and paul rodgers then has some sutff thrown in like brittany spears or some other 90's pop stuff. how is that on there you ask? well looks like i pressed record listening to the radio and didn't hit stop for a while. has commercials for places that no longer exist and such. This Bon Jovi song came on and just really hit me in the gut with the lyrics and i remember loving this song when Keep The Faith came out, still a great song today.

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Alot of people think im an 80s nut because my fave band is Bon Jovi, but to be honest, my favourite albums are easily Keep The Faith, These Days and to a degree Bounce...the 90s were when they released their best music i think....


although you gotta love the first two albums, i dont think theyre as good musically as KTF and These Days, both are quite underrated i believe :)

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