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I heard five tracks from this cool late 80's MHR band. Never heard of them before but they have a current MySpace page and I think are planning on releasing some of their old material and possibly some new stuff as well. They have a brand new song called 'Mary' which you can hear on the MySpace page and IMO it kicks ass and sounds better than the bands old songs. Would love for this band to release some new stuff in this style.


The band was formed in NYC by Mike Ledesma who previously fronted a band called Panther. The band also includes Ross Boughton (bass player from the Spin Doctors), Jack Styslinger (guitars) and Craig Hollander (drums).


According to their MySpace page, the band opened for big name acts like Vince Neil, Twisted Sister, Child's Play, Love Hate, Dee Snyder, Firehouse, Ace Frehley, Savatage and Paul Dianno. So I'm guessing a few people around here have probably heard of or even seen this band live at some point.


Mike Ledesma is now in a Foreigner tribute band called Head Games and also played at Rocklahoma with Wild August. He has also worked with Ted Poley and Vic Rivera.


The old material may not appeal to all, but definately play their new song 'Mary' and see what you think.





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I like 'em. The new song, 'Mary' is very good. The older stuff is kind of hit and miss. 'Never had a chance' has a huge Trixter vibe, imo. Great track. And 'You make me want' you is good stuff too. I'd like to hear more from these guys.

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