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JOKER - Easy Come And Go


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Holy sh*t, the guys in Joker not only had a fantastic ear for melody, but also exquisite taste in cars- or at least someone associated with the vid. production did! The star of that video for me is the coupe the dude is driving--> :bowdown: an extremely rare 1967 Volvo 123 GT.....I've owned and sold a few HTF Volvos, but that particular model has always been elusive, especially in North America......Mad props to whoever supplied that vehicle for the video shoot! In reality, at the time the car probably wasn't a big deal to the band members, but it's the holy grail in Volvo car collecting circles...Now, after a change of pants :lol: , I'll have to re-watch the video and actually listen to the song!

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I think that's by far my fave off that disc. If memory serves...

Yep, memory served me well. That song makes the whole CD for me. Stunning track. Man that dude's got such a great voice - did he ever do anything else? Cool vid too.

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