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Roxus reunites


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To those who arent bothred to myspace, basically we get





J O E C O O L -

J U N O R O X A S -

A N D Y S H A N N A H A N -





so, no to Darren the drummer & Dragan the guitarist.

On a positive note, Joe is the original guitarist.

Well the original guitarist & keysman with Juno... is enough to excite me even though the band is called RoxAs & not RoxUs. :beerbang:


Any thoughts on this?

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Yep, it's not perfect but like you guys say, it'll do. This band is far too good to not be excited about any possible type of return. I hope to Jesus they play some Sydney shows.


But more to the point, for the love of f*ck I hope they finally release that shelved second album!!!

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