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Nine-T-Nine - Keep The Flame Alive


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Wow - This one came out of the blue. A Big heads up on this one for all the AOR/MR boys on here that like it done the 80's way with huge keys, huge choruses and for a small label release, a monster production job. Reading George's review over at Glorydaze, he mentions bands like 1st Avenue, Javan, Craaft and Balanx and I certainly wouldn't argue with any of those as a starting point. This definitely puts some of their peers to shame in the quality stakes and is for me, one of the best AOR discs I have heard this year without question. So sit back and enjoy the 4 tracks on their myspace page, before you go and order the CD proper. Oh! Did I mention the Keyboards ;)








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Wow - love those keys! Nice stuff, any idea where this can be bought from?

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Wow - love those keys! Nice stuff, any idea where this can be bought from?


I ordered from Simon at Destiny Tim. Really really great disc.

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I thought I heard this and was left cold and unimpressed. I'll revisit immediately and make sure I heard the right thing.

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Goddamn the vocals sound like the guy from Lost Weekend, except maybe with a little stronger accent. As I spin it again it doesn't sound too bad. Maybe a little unpolished and not quite as strong song-wise as I'd hope for.

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Late to the party but I quite like this.






01. Caught In A Trap
02. Not Easy To Forgive
03. Faith
04. Bus Stop
05. The Way You Touched Me
06. Light My Life
07. Bringin`My Love
08. Can You Feel All The Days
09. Sandy
10. The Escape
11. Shoreline
12. Sunshine
13. Radio (Bonus Track)











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