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UDO - Faceless World - What a great album

Ali Rock

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I'm sitting home working and listening to this album over and over again. I have gone back to the roots when I started to dig Heavy rock in 85 and listening to Accept and UDO. I have been tired of his voice in the last couple of years but now I'm back listeing to my old heoes. This is what heavy metal is all about (together with Judas Priest).


Faceless world is a really great album, UDO's best IMO. It might be his most melodic and commercial album but I think it's still rockin. There might be some fillers in the middle but songs like Heart of gold, Blitz of lightning, System of life ,Stranger, Tip to nowhere are great and the cd has one of the best closing song there is; Furure land.


Matthias Dieth guitar work is great and the slick production by Kaufmann is just exceptional. :bananamac::guitbannana:


I also kind of looking forward to Accept's new album despite Udo isn't in there. But I'm most worried about no Kaufmann and UDo in the song writing.

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