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Should Styx be a band without Dennis DeYoung?

66 mustang

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there is positive and negative but i believe Tommy and JY have every right to tour and make albums under the STYX banner. Styx didn't hit thier stride and start racking up hits until after Tommy joined. Tommy had a big impact on the success of Styx, together with JY they should carry on if Dennis DeYoung doesn't want to tour. I know JY is the only original member from when the band first started but the evolution of a band, with people coming and going you never keep the original members toghether in a whole career. Do you change names everytime you replace someone? I know Dennis is a great talent but his attitude is not good for a band setting. It is like a great athlete that is disruptive in a team setting. Sometimes the team is better without the Superstar attitude and when they move on without them they become a better, closer team. I believe Journey should carry on without Perry, Skynyrd without Ronnie, 38 Special carried on without Don Barnes for two albums before they reconciled. Kiss carried without Ace and Peter and the list goes on and on. What is your guys thoughts, Does Dennis hold the name Styx or do Two key members to the success of the band hold the name Styx? I think the majority wins if the minority doesn't hold the name legaly on paper somewhere or the band isn't named after someone. Could Bon Jovi tour as bon jovi without Jon? no. how about Van Halen without Ed? no. (but they may be washed up anyway)

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I think that Gowan is doing a remarkable job as a replacement for DeYoung. I also think that Augeri is a perfect replacement for Steve Perry. When someone moves out, you move on...




P.S. One of the better replacements in the course of musical history has got to be when John Elefante replaced Steve Walsh in Kansas. I *LOVE* the Elefante material that Kansas released...

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Well, STYX blew me away with Burtnik and Gowan in the ranks!

Gowan I think is comming close to Dennis, it is almost scary when you close your eyes.

I saw STYX in Jones Beach Amphi theater, several years ago, featuring Dennis. When he sung the intro "tonight's the night we'll make history", I felt tears in my eyes......pfew! Marvelous and timeless. The music and Dennis' voice all in perfect balance that night....sheer magic!


2 Years ago I saw them over here in europe, with Gowan, and I have to admit that it was the same magic created on stage. More powerful rocking though.

As for the sight: STYX with GOWAN is truly enjoying themselves....something I missed onstage in Jones Beach!

Gowan and JY are the face of the band when it comes to putting up a kick ass rocking show.....

Much more entertainers than Dennis, with all due respect!


But Dan: you are right.....moving on! Do not stand still or look around to the past too often.....you might get stuck



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I can't wait for the next Shaw Blades album


Disappointingly, it`s another covers album, they`re better than that! :(

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