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RIP Allen Shellenberger (brain cancer)


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Just saw this ... Pretty sad, he was a really nice guy



Allen Shellenberger, drummer for Orange County rock band Lit, lost his battle with brain cancer Thursday, August 13, 2009 surrounded by his loving family, the band, and close friends. He was 39 years old. In May 2008, Allen was diagnosed with a malignant glioma brain tumor and immediately underwent clinical trials, chemotherapy and radiation treatments at the Cedars-Sinai Maxine Dunitz Neurosurgical Institute.


Allen was a founding member of Lit over two decades ago and was able to perform with the band until last fall. In a statement from Kevin Baldes, Jeremy Popoff, and A.Jay Popoff, the band had this to say of their longtime friend Allen:


"To know Al was to know laughter. He had a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone. Words cannot begin to express how much he will be missed. This was our brother and not a day will go by that we won't think about him. Right now we're trying to find the balance of mourning his loss and celebrating his life. Allen has experienced more in his 39 years than most people dream of in ten lifetimes. This is a tremendous loss for us, our fans, and also for Allen's family who took such good care of him during his battle with cancer."


Allen is survived by his daughter Giovanna Mackey, his mother Connie James, and his father Paul Shellenberger. Lit and Allen's family wish to thank everyone who supported the benefits for Allen.


Funeral services will be private for family members only. Memorial event for Allen Shellenberger is pending.


A tribute video to Allen can be seen at:

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>> That Razzle album is worth checking out isnt it.

39 is very young.


What was Lit's big song? <<


The Razzle Ep is okay. They were still in high school. Kinda Skid Row-ish if I remember correctly. To be honest, I think they were a much better modern rock / alt band than "hair band." The night Gazzarri's closed down Razzle played on the roof of the club. Fantastic show that was.


Lit's big single was "My Own Worst Enemy"

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Yeah, that's sad. I'm not a huge fan of Lit, but do have all their CDs. As noted, 39 is just way too young. R.I.P.

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