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Caveat Emptor: Apparently Stan Bush CDs are CDRs

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Not sure if this is old news or not, but apparently if you order from Stan Bush's web site, http://www.larecords.com, what you get are CDRs with photocopied artwork, not actual pressed CDs.


While it is certainly the artist's prerogative to release his material as he sees fit (assuming he has the rights to do so), he should be disclosing that they are home-burned discs.


Source: The following email I was carbon copied on (please note, English is not his native language):


Dear all


I just received the four cds I ordered and what a disapointement! Are you sure you 're representing Mr. Bush? The four cds you 've sent me are the perfect exemple of what we are calling counterfeited cd (I am copyright attorney), i.e. computer recorded cdrs with colored photocopies destined to be broken (scratched) very quickly. I would have never bye these cds, if I knew what you 're selling (evidently you don't say a word in you website).

If you are not in position to provide me with Bush's genuine cds, please proceed immidiatedly to the refund of the amount of 50.85 USD I ve' payed you and I will send you back the "cds" you 've sent me.


I'm presenting the claim at face value, and have not seen these first-hand.



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I remember back in the 90's dealing with his manager (who I thought was his wife) to try and get some of his cds for Wishing Well. They wouldn't sell directly to us because we didn't want to order a minimum of 500 cds for our little shop. He's obviously got some funky people handling his business.

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Does anyone know if the Stan Bush and Barrage-s/t CD has been bootleged?

Yes, it's been booted 2 times. Once as usual copy and second time as limited edition with bonus tracks and b-sides

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