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  1. Thanx guys for helping to find Jim. i'm glad he is Ok.
  2. Hi to all. Does anyone heard last three weeks about Jim from Texas (aka JLP Rocks). I've sent the CD to him in the middle of december. it was arrived to Houston on december 20th but in these days Texas was affected by tornados. the Cd was never delivered but it's no so important. i'd better want to know about Jim coz he doen't respond to my PM's and emails three weeks. Just wanna know he's Ok and still alive.
  3. Besides cd-rs one of the problem with FNA Records is that they even don't delete the noise when transfer the music onto cd-rs. i bought the St Warren "Rock of Eden" digipack... god bless, this is not cd-r and great stuff, it's silver pressed but the noise is rushing in the end of every song. most new releases produced with same shit. why should i buy cds or cd-rs with noise for $15?
  4. I'm surprised that Russian site hasn't put a import boot version of this out yet. by the way concretely this white eagle bought one guy from russia. in total this is third ever white eagle original copy here in russia. and no one from them doesn't want to share it with pirates
  5. Lame but true... I sure hope so. azintex doesn't spend his money to buying cds.as i know he doesn't understand anything in hair metal or glam music
  6. i don't think so. they won't do many of the rarities because they can't buy it so expensive. it's unprofitable to buy every rare cd for 300-400 usd or more and later sell bootleg copies from it for 3 usd inside Russia and for 7-10 usd for other countries. but all the costs of finding, buying original cd and final printing boot cds is the manufacturer's pain in the ass. also need to say that wholesale price from manufacturer is only $1,6 per cd for big dealers. Azintex aren't manufacturer of boot cds, they are only dealers in one ex-USSR counrty, Azerbaijan. first of, manufacturer is lookin' for rare cds for resonable price or for free from friendly russian collectors. i have many rare cds for example as hit the ground running first cd, but i won't give it for free or even for money to do the bootleg from it. now this is only one copy here in Russia, as i know. download stuff with lossless quality of sound and the high quality booklets of many rare cds is still impossible.
  7. take it easy, guys i'm from Russia and i can guarantee that Rock Candy cd isn't russian bootleg. i know how to define russian boots and I regularly keep up with all new boots. and this cd wouldn't appear in Azintex store because i saw a Rock Candy sold for big money. I don't think that russian bootleggers will ready to pay 200 or 300 pounds for it Sure, you won't see cheaper version of rock candy from these copies at azintex store coz i bought it for my friend and i'm not bootlegged cds. sometimes i do it for him.
  8. if the PBF cd is still available at the flea market then I can buy it for about $ 3-4 and send it via registered shipping for $6 with jewel case
  9. today is a bad day for the KK Wilde. I saw their Rock-n-Roll Cd was booted. Almost like the original CD but just a little less pink paint on the disc. I have the original KK Wilde Cd but also bought the bootleg coz it's an artifact in my opinion. I can't believe that someone needs to do this bootleg.
  10. looks like home made CD-r with self created artworks at cheap paper. it's worth $ 5 maximum, all these songs have been heard by all who wanted it many many years ago. no feedback a month later, i think the winner wants to refund money for this fake
  11. Azerbaijan is a former Soviet republic and now with insane мuslim regime just like in Iraq or Iran and sharia laws in everyday life. I'm sure that nobody out there haven't ever seen the original Cds of american or any western bands coz in muslim religion all western music especially heavy metal and hard rock is the devilish advocacy. Prophet mohammed doesn't approve of listening this music but he let them sell it worldwide.
  12. I see there will soon be a fan club of Azintex here. Then i'll drop my 2 cents for it. Several days ago i asked a guy who is manager of it illegal business, what the old and htf bands will be booted/released soon. Tindrum 3 cds, Dalton 2 cds, Trans Am 2 cds, Dream Police 2 cds, Stan Bush, After Hours 2 cds, Joanna Dean, Aircraft 2 or 3 cds, China Sky, Sic Vikki 2 cds, Banshee debut Cd, Baton Rouge, Sleeze Beez, Guardia, Melidian, Rat Bat Blue, Erika, Tim Feehan, Zero nine, Barracuda and more. Also some rare thrash and old heavy metal cds. Those styles i don't like i didn't remember the band names.
  13. I don't know who is Azintex but i know that most boots printed in Moscow. I personally know a guy who does it. I have a huge original cds collection and he sometimes asks me to give him something to boot and i always say - no, but nobody can ban him to buy rare cds on ebay or amazon. All these boot CDs are sold here for the price of $ 2.5-3 each, regardless of rarity or auction price. BTW i done some pictures of PBF bootleg CD. I think that this boot will be pretty rare soon.
  14. today i was at flea market here in Moscow and i saw that canadian Pretty Boy Floyd with their famous Cd Bullet & Lipstick also have been booted among others. Also i saw boot of Helter Skelter (Germany), Alien (full discography), Briar - Crown of Thorns, both rare Urgent Cds - Thinking Out Loud and Cast Thge First Stone, Brighton Rock (all 3 regular Cds), Stream - Take It or Leave It, Love Child - St, Aviator - St, Atlantic - Power, Salty Dog, Paul Dean - Hard Core etc... there's a lot new stuff pressed every week, I think the hundreds of bands every year.
  15. Yes, it's been booted 2 times. Once as usual copy and second time as limited edition with bonus tracks and b-sides
  16. So guys if you want to see Casanova s/t bootleg CD, i've taken it from my friend and here is the scans -
  17. I like to watch hair metal/glam videos. I record them from TV and also convert some videos from old headbangers ball tapes. Then i burn and burn them on DVD-rs. I don't know exactly how many video i have, but i believe that it about 1000 or even more videos and the many of them is in very high (dvd) quality. Sadly that i haven't enough time to watch all these videos:(
  18. Steve, thanks for good words about me and positive response about our trade. There was a great pleasure to do trade with you.
  19. just found two promo videos from my all time favorite band: Farrcry - Mr. red, white, blue Farrcry - Lovin' You
  20. I bought some cds from pete_steel in june and all stuff was original. And i remember that the parcel has been well packed and also shipping cost was not so high
  21. just received Bad Habit - Ultimate Video Collection 1987-2009.
  22. Pistol Dawn - Conversation Piece Gynger Lynn - St High Noon - No Turning Back Four Horsemen - Nobody Said it Was Easy Jacks'N'Joker - St Grand Slam - Rhythmic Noise
  23. I have the new list of cds that have been bootlegged recently Vixen – St Vixen – Rev It Up LA Guns – St (booted from jap edition) LA Guna – Cocked & Looaded (from jap edition) LA Guns – Vicious Circle (from jap edition) China – St China – Sign in The Sky China – Go All The Way China – Natural Groove 220 Volt – St (from jap edition) 220 Volt – Eye to Eye (from jap edition) 220 Volt – Lethal Illusion Steelheart – Tangled in Reins Steelheart – Good 2 b Alive Cowboy Prostitutes – Swingin at the Fences and some Night Ranger albums
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