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Sometimes being a wanna-be amateur metal journalist has its perks... a promo copy of this baby was waiting in my mailbox when I got home from this weekend's RV trip. Haven't given it a spin yet but I loved their previous album, SGT HETFIELD'S MOTORBREATH PUB BAND, so I'm sure I'll love this one too :banger:


Track listing:

























You can hear a snippet of the first single, "Hero of the Day Tripper," at their record label site, here:


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Once again it seems they are re-releasing or re-recording some of the stuff off their first two albums (Beatallica & A garage days nite).


I think if you like their other stuff, you will like this as they stick pretty true to form.

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Saves you having to assemble the older albums (via the scans they offered on the website years ago), means i can buy these two albums and get most of my favourite songs (i think there are still some missing though :s)


but Got To Get You Trapped Under Ice is a personal fave :D

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Yea, just like the last album, some of the tracks on this one are re-recordings of the "oldies" they used to have on their website as free downloads... but those have been taken down now...


Listened to this a bunch today, I'm lovin' it. "Fuel on the Hill" is freakin' genius, as is "The Thing That Should Not Let It Be."


What I like about these guys is unlike many so-called "joke bands," they don't half-ass it. They are obviously big fans of both sides of the equation (Beatles and Metallica), have a deep knowledge and respect for both of their catalogs, and they can play like muthafuggas besides. :guitar:

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What I like about these guys is unlike many so-called "joke bands," they don't half-ass it. They are obviously big fans of both sides of the equation (Beatles and Metallica), have a deep knowledge and respect for both of their catalogs, and they can play like muthafuggas besides. :guitar:

Backed!! They are great!! :headbanger:

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Beatallica's brand new video for "Fuel on the Hill!"

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That singer looks like a cross between John Lennon and James Hetfield, don't He???? :headbanger:


Um...that's kinda the whole idea of this band, dude. :rolleyes:

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Wowee. I guess I'm officially a "real" music journalist now, folks... Beatallica have mentioned my name and quoted me in their latest official press release! No kiddin'. Check out the third paragraph.


Now that I'm a star I'll try to keep from getting a big head. :lol:


-Beatallica Support MASTERFUL MYSTERY TOUR With Tour Dates And New

Single/Video For "Fuel On The Hill"


Everyone's favorite Metallica/Beatles bash-up, Beatallica, are

continuing to support their latest "you have to hear it to believe it"

release, MASTERFUL MYSTERY TOUR, with a set of east coast tour dates

throughout April. Also hitting the airwaves is the group's latest

single/video, "Fuel On The Hill" (directed by Mike VVeber and assisted

by Tim "Murph Dawg" Murphy), which is the group's follow-up to their

last clip, "Hero Of The Day Tripper." See the YouTube link for "Fuel

On The Hill" here: http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=Z9ndZojUeaQ


Recorded and engineered by "Flemball Rasmartin," MASTERFUL MYSTERY

TOUR is Beatallica's second full-length album overall, and features

such exceptional song titles as "The Battery Of Jaymz And Yoko,"

"Everybody's Got A Ticket To Ride Except For Me And My Lightning," and

"I Want To Choke Your Band," among countless other clever part-

psychedelic/ part-headbanging masterpieces.


And the accolades continue to pile up for the band, including such

raves from journalist Keith Abt ("I've been jammin' it (MASTERFUL

MYSTERY TOUR) all day and I'm lovin' it! All you loyal Beatallibangers

are in for a treat...") and Chris Dahlberg from Cosmos Gaming ("The

instrumentals and vocals on (MASTERFUL MYSTERY TOUR) are certainly

impressive") . If you haven't experienced Beatallica yet, what are you

waiting for? Grab a copy of MASTERFUL MYSTERY TOUR, and check out this

unbelievable outfit live in a town near you!


Forthcoming U.S. Tour Dates include:

FRIDAY, APRIL 16--Pittsburgh PA at The Altar Bar

SATURDAY, APRIL 17--Huntington WV at V Club

SUNDAY, APRIL 18--Lexington KY at Cosmic Charlie's

MONDAY, APRIL 19--Washington DC at Black Cat

THURSDAY, APRIL 22--Rockville NY at Vibe Lounge

FRIDAY, APRIL 23--Philadelphia PA at North Star

SATURDAY, APRIL 24--New York NY at The Delancey

SUNDAY, APRIL 25--Harrisburg, PA at Spy Club

MONDAY, APRIL 26--W. Babylon, NY at Looney Tunes

TUESDAY, APRIL 27--Brooklyn NY at Brooklyn Bowl

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28--Syracuse, NY at Half Penny Club


For more information and the complete MASTERFUL MYSTERY TOUR track

listing, visit:

http://www.beatalli ca.org/

http://www.facebook .com/beatallica

http://www.oglio. com/

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    • That Sammy is a top 5 release of 2022 for me. The Disturbed is also good. My daughter is getting Taylor Swift for Xmas
    • comparing this to Defiants is ridiculous- Defiants is just D2 under a different name  And it will probably be best album of 2023 
    • beautiful, all in their prime 
    • Pretty over this stupid and weak supergroup crap from Frontiers now. Feeling cynical that they are just trying to squeeze every last $ from the fanbase. Fan abuse.
    • The fundamental difference is that the mainstream media is now portraying the Chinese COVID protestors as glorious freedom fighters standing up for their inalienable human rights, where protesters in the U.S. and Canada were portrayed as terrorists, insurrectionists, and right-wing nazis by the very same mainstream media. Fuckers. I guess the current administration(s) have exhausted the money pit being diverted to Ukraine with respect to public approval, so now time to ratchet up somewhere else to send gobs of taxpayer money so that billions can be funneled back to the DNC via crypto...
    • Agree! There was a time back 5 or 6 years ago when I'd get into these project type things....Defiants, Nordic Union, etc.  And I'm sure I'll still enjoy new Defiants music when it drops. But I'm definitely saturated on these things and I'm basically to the point where I'm paying very little attention to them.  I'd rather invest my time into "real" bands that I might actually get the chance to see live someday. Like you say, I'll still sometimes check out these things and maybe I toss a song into my playlist here or there.  But odds I actually purchase an album from one of these new projects is very low.  
    • This seems like something that would be massively exciting maybe five or six years ago but now, not so much. I'm just so bored with the Frontiers factory churning out studio project after studio project with the same songwriters, the same production, and random hodgepodges of vocalists...year after year after year. I'm just not interested in this stuff anymore, I'll listen but the odds that I'll come back to it (let alone buy the album) are low. Those songs are mediocre. They're not ADV's worst but they are not his best either. IMO Robbie steals the show in both of them. Why is ADV still doing backing vocals for a project created specifically for THREE vocalists?  P.S. that band name SUCKS lol
    • New single 'April Rain' from the album 'Naked Soul'. And ADV ruining everything... From Frontiers: Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce T3nors, a very special new AOR project. Two of America’s greatest AOR singers, Robbie LaBlanc and Toby Hitchock join forces with one of Sweden’s finest AOR singers, Kent Hilli to form the vocali trio of T3nors. These absolutely outstanding vocalists have come together on one glorious melodic rock album, "Naked Soul", which will be released on February 10, 2023.  The story behind this record actually dates back quite a few years as Frontiers has been wanting to do a “three tenors” type of record for quite some time. Given the extremely high level of AOR vocal talent that the label has worked with in the past and continues to work with today, the idea never really lost steam. The issue was always finding the right pairing of three singers and the timing for the individual singers to have holes in their schedule to record. With the onset of the global pandemic in 2020, everyone's availability, for better or for worse, became more flexible and the idea started to become reality.  Pairing Robbie, Toby, and Kent together seemed an ideal team up and all three were enthusiastic about the idea when approached to participate. The rest, as they say, is history. Kent Hilli is the newest of the three singers on the scene, but has quickly made an impact with the albums he has released with his main band Perfect Plan, as well as being the new frontman for GIANT, solo material, and guest appearances with Restless Spirits, the melodic rock project from Lords Of Black guitarist Tony Hernando.  Toby Hitchcock is an American singer known for his solo albums as well as his work with the esteemed melodic rock genius Jim Peterik in Pride Of Lions. Robbie LaBlanc is an American singer, guitarist, and songwriter known for his work with Blanc Faces, Find Me, a project with The Murder Of My Sweet drummer/producer Daniel Flores, East Temple Avenue, and more.  If you are a lover of all things AOR, then T3nors' debut album, "Naked Soul" is a can't miss release!   Tracklisting:1. April Rain2. Naked Soul3. Nights4. Time Is Coming5. Silent Cries6. Torn7. I Could8. Mother Love9. Set Fire To The Rain10. Stand For Love11. Strength To Carry OnLine-Up:Robbie LaBlanc - vocalsToby Hitchcock - vocalsKent Hilli - vocalsAlessandro Del Vecchio - bass, additional keyboards, guitars, and backing vocalsFrancesco Savino - guitarsJacopo Martignoni - drums          
    • Very sad news. She had a lovely voice. I absolutely love both 'Rumours' and 'Tango In The Night'...both part of my musical journey. 
    • Superb album...one of the best pure Westcoast releases this year. Love the Chaka Khan cover of 'Ain't Nobody' as well. Great stuff
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