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Peppermint Creeps - 'In Hell'


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1. Intro

2. In Hell

3. Play With Me

4. Just Another Day

5. A & R Song

6. Glamour & Despair

7. One Kiss

8. Galaxy Girl

9. She Sells Sanctuary

10. Together (Rock & Roll)

11. Suburbia Angel

12. Hero

13. From Despair To Where

14. Light My Way

15. Forgotten Summer

16. Love Never Dies

17. Cool For Now (Vox - Traci)

18. Imagine


Band Line-up:


Macy Malone - Vocals & Guitars

Billy Blade - Bass & Vocals

Traci Michaelz - Drums & Vocals (R.I.P.)


Not sure how much of an advance I was actually listening to because I can't find anything on the net on this one, but I believe this is their new album due in 2009? My thoughts?


Well, I started listening to this and I was honestly considering turning it off. Not awful, but never been a huge fan of these guys. It was reminding me a lot of a bad punk band mixed with Simple Plan (debut) mixed with Pretty Boy Floyd... but not anywhere near as good as PBF. But then as the album progressed I warmed to it. The lyrics don't get any better (pretty painful at times. People are saying a 13 year old could write Steel Panther lyrics... well, wheel in a 3 year old for these guys), but the songs later on have a bit of charm to them. I quite like some of the later songs and it's worth checking out if you like that real, true, baby-lyriced glam. Songs about summer loves, meeting girls in school, fairytale romance etc. Worth a go. But be warned, 'Leather Boyz...' is a "mature" album compared to this one. At least the 2nd half is much better than the punk-ish start anyway. :)

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Could never get into these guys and after listening to that ... still can't.

They are definitely hard to swallow, but there are some good moments on this disc. Still, over 18 tracks at least half of them are duds.

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Finally got around to having a good listen to this one.

Definitely a few fillers amongst the 18 tracks, but still soem great glam-punk.

I'd say if they cut it down to 13-14 tracks the overall quality would be so much better.


One song has one of those lines that goes around and around in your head for days....

"My guardian angel is a fallen glamour punk...."

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