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eBay misspellings and daft listings

Nick C

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I thought I'd see if anyone else had come across anything on eBay where stuff has been misspelt when listed for sale. Has hilarity ensued?


I've just seen the song Big 10" Record by Aerosmith listed as Big Tennis Record...I just laughed and laughed...brilliant. :bananamac:





I've just read the rest...haha here it is - the proper titles I've put in the brackets


Disc One:


mama kin

dream on

same did song did dance - (Same Old Song and Dance)

seasons of winter - (Seasons of Wither)

walk this way

big tennis record - hahahha

sweet emotion

cast child - (Last Child)

back in the saddle

draw the cine - (Draw the Line)

dude (cooks ckie a candy) - (Dude looks like a Lady)


rag doll

jazie’s got a gun - (Janie's got a gun)

love in an elevator

what is takes - (What it Takes)

Disc Two:


the other - (the other side)

civin’ on the edge - (livin on the Edge)



deuces are wild


falling in love


I don’t want to miss - (I don't want to miss a thing ...ironic really!)


just push play

walk this way

girls of this summer - (Girls of Summer)

cay it down - (Lay it Down)

come together

theme form spider man - (from)

toysiz the attic - (Toys in the Attic)

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A lot of things usually mispelled on ebay & I'm always a winner in those cases. The item goes ALWAYS for less...

My thoughts exactly, I've won quite a few good items from listings that were less viewed due to spelling mistakes.

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I picked up my copy of Safire on ebay only 6 months ago.

Went for about $20 and I was the only bidder. I wonder why.....?


Probably becasue the auction title was something like "If you like Bon Jovi you'll really like this".

It didn't even mention the band name, but I knew the disc once I had a look.

About a week earlier the same disc sold for about $120

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