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Illegal drag racers kill innocent man and his dog


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Illegal street drags have been a big issue here recently due top the death of a number of drag racers, however this time it's really gonna blow up. Last night an innocent couple were cleaned up by 2 complete f***ers drag racing on a main public road. As a result 1 guy is dead, his girlfriend critical, and their pet dog dead also.


The drag racers all survived, and one even drove off.


I can guarantee this is gonna cause a massive storm over, hopefully these scum buckets are charged with murder and locked away for life. Considering all the warnings and news about it over the past few months, these guys are goonna cop the full brunt of the law and the public backlash.


Read the story and see some of the pix here.....



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Man, that's probably the saddest bit of news I've read all year. I honestly wish death on the stupid f*ckers.

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Wow, I really feel for this couple and their families. That is 100% totally asinine. Like Geoff said, those MF'ers should be caught, tortured for a few weeks, then very slowly drawn and quartered and burned beyond all recognition.


At least it's proof that we Americans don't have a total monopoly on assholes. (Though we still have to be in the lead by many miles.)


My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their loved ones.

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