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dvd is out now. I liked it. you have to listen to the last 15 minutes or so of commentary. things that could happen.....showing a war between the 12 colonies and Caprica using the Cylon's against other colonies. that would be pretty sweet to see. this is set 58 years before the Fall of Caprica and the 12 colonies and the start of the Mini-Series of Battlestar Galactica

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Watched the pilot and will continue to watch.

It was a little slow in places but the scenes from upcoming episodes looks great.


Also did anyone else notice "smoking man" from X-Files was the guy that Joe was trying to bribe that go murdered in his bed?


Also it looks like in the upcoming scenes that James Marsters(Spike on Buffy/Angel) will be on the show at some point.

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Missed the 1st ep, plan on catching it later. Liked the pilot.

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Yeah, but the last 3 episodes were great, along with this last 5 minutes of the show (you must watch the clip) were well worth watching. you get your first glimps of the cylons in military duty in the last episode, working as a fine tuned team.


I watched the video. It was just to slow to start with where I couldn't get into it. Maybe I'll grab the DVDs on netflix one day. By all accounts I should love it since I'm a Syfy geek and love stuff like Sactuary, Warehouse 13, BSG, Haven and stuff like that.

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