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Dead By April - fantastic new swedish modern melodic metal!

Ali Rock

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Yeah impressive sound. Heavier on the keys than Sonic Syndicate, more like Nightwish (with some screaming vocals). Not sure the songs are as memorable as the likes of Scar Symmetry - & personally I prefer the harder hitting stuff - but will check it out. Looks like they're on Universal records...

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Not sure the songs are as memorable

This is about my only issue with this at the moment. Every song is good, but there just aren't those few, or even one song that jumps out at you and screams, "PUT ME ON YOUR IPOD!" The balance between tender moments which explode into heavy moments is great, the screaming is not bit a turn-off and the melodies are delicious. It's a great listen from start to end, but I'd have liked to see a few stand-out tracks.


Lots of keys too, for those keeping score.

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Well, it's eight years later, but these guys keep churning out the same album and have done so again this year. I like their sound and style and all that, but most bands that have done this style for this long realised the screams are pretty stupid and probably holding them back. Well, not these guys. I wish they'd drop the screams, but they return again with another album, exactly the same as the debut and everything in-between.


I don't mind the album, but the songs aren't really progressing, imo.




1. Crying Over You
2. I Can’t Breathe
3. Playing with Fire
4. Warrior
5. Breaking Point
6. My Heart Is Crushable
7. Can You See The Red
8. Our Worlds Collide
9. This Is My Life
10. Perfect the Way You Are
11. For Every Step (ft. Tommy Körberg)
This is probably my favourite song on the album, which coincidentally, has no screams;
The rest is like this (which is still pretty cool);
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Great album - reminds me of Amaranthe


Haha. Perfect example, mate. Neither band has recorded a new song since their debuts. ;)


Both good, reliable bands... but each album is almost a carbon copy of the previous one. Though I think both their debuts are still their best.

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